Malindi, Kalifi County, Kenya

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Kingfisher is one of Kenya's oldest established family run businesses, specialising in deep-sea fishing, to include night, inshore, bottom and fly fishing and tented safaris. We have international reputations and have featured in television fishing programmes shown in the UK. We are currently holding many records for Kenya, All Africa and some IGFA World Records as well.

We are members of the Kenya Association of Sea Angling Clubs (KASAC) and International Game Fishing Association (IGFA).

Malindi’s waters offer some of the finest fishing in the world; broadbill swordfish; black, blue and striped marlin; sailfish; along with numerous other pelagic. It is internationally recognized that Kenya offers the best chance in the world of a ‘fantasy slam’ (5 different billfish species in one day).

We offer a wide variety of angling, including overnight trips to North Kenya Banks for broadbill, marlin, ‘big tuna’ and shark We also offer inshore fishing for marlin, sailfish and many other game fish; fly fishing for the sailfish, tuna etc; reef fishing for trevally, barracuda, etc and bottom fishing for a multitude of species.

Malindi has a worldwide reputation for its sailfish fishing.

Our fishing season starts in July and runs until the end of April. The prime time for the “big Tuna’ is the August to the end of October, Broadbill swordfish and black marlin are caught all season, blues and stripeys in February /March and sailfish are plentiful all round the year. In addition, a multitude of pelagic and reef fish are abundant all season.

For a complete and memorable holiday, combine your angling with a stay at Kingfisher Villas or any of the other fine hotels recommended by kingfisher.

The only way to experience the best big game fishing in Kenya is the Kingfisher way!
 Fly Fishing,  Light tackle,  Liveaboard,  Long Range,  Night fishing,  Popper/Lure fishing,  Trolling,  Wreck Fishing
Dr Althaus

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