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Brighton Marina Sea Fishing Charters

Deep Sea Fishing Trips from Brighton Marina & Sovereign Harbour Eastbourne aboard the Channel Diver for fine catches of Cod, Pollack, Ling, Bream, Bass & Conger Eels. Travel to the deep offshore English Channel Shipwrecks for a full day off wreck fishing at its best, these days can be full on and hard work but the results can be very rewarding.

Deep Sea Fishing

Wreck Fishing: For the more energetic and experienced angler, a day's fishing the many war wrecks off the South Coast promises catches of fine pollack, cod, ling, conger and Bass. These are usually taken when drifting the wrecks with artificial lures, red gills, jelly worms & shads. It can be heavy going but the rewards can be much greater.

Ground Fishing: It is recommended that those new to a rod, reel and line get to know their tools in a more controlled environment where the boat is stationary at anchor. The depth is probably no more than 35m so not so strong a tide & less weight is required. We fish on the seabed, which is generally rough broken ground or reef, where catches will include whiting, dogfish, ray, tope, Bull Huss, spur dog, smooth hounds and perhaps conger. Over the winter months the Cod move onto the ground so we fish for Cod this way.

Baits: During the summer months plenty of mackerel can be caught for bait on feathers outside of the Marina before venturing further off to the fishing grounds. This can be supplemented by frozen squid and lugworm purchased from the Tackle Box on the West Quay, just above the boat's berth in the Marina. Sometimes cuttlefish is available. Best artificial baits for pollock and cod are usually red gills, Jellies and perks, although different lures may produce good results. Experiment a bit!.
 Light tackle,  Popper/Lure fishing,  Wreck Fishing
Steve Johnson
Channel Diving & Brighton Marina Sea Fishing Charters

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