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About This Boat


Our Mission

A day on Kayman Too or the Lisa & Jake will bring friends and family together while enjoying the sport of deep sea fishing! We cater to beginner family trips, but satisfy the hard core professional as well with our Deep Sea fishing charters based in Massachusetts. Are goal is to exceed the catches of all other boats – every day! Kayman Charters is a full time professional charter boat with more than 20 years of experience with Cod fishing, Tuna fishing, Haddock fishing and more. At Kayman Charters the Captains and crew members strive for 100% customer satisfaction on every one of our inshore and deep sea fishing charters in MA. We are known for our excellent customer service and retention – 98% of our customers return.

Company Profile

Capt. Kevin Twombly U.S.C.G. License #729154 Captain Kevin Twombly prides himself in putting great effort to make sure your charter fishing trip aboard the Kayman Too or the Lisa & Jake is an enjoyable experience.

Captain Kevin has built this business from the start with hard work and long hours. Repeat customers and their friends make up the clients of Kayman Charters. Captain Kevin will make sure you enjoy some of the best Cod fishing and Tuna fishing on the east coast.

You can be assured many years of knowledge and experience go into every one of our deep sea fishing charters in MA, so you can concentrate on reeling in the fish.

The Captain runs a safe vessel; Thousand of dollars have recently been spent on safety gear above Coast Guard requirements. New England Charter Boat Captains such as Kevin Twombly know that preparation and proper gear are critical in running a safe charter fishing trip.

Fishing for Giant Bluefin Tuna

Fishing for Giant Tuna is like hunting for a big game trophy, you have to put your time in. You will not kill a trophy every time you go but when you do get one; you will talk about it and show off photos for the rest of your life!

Being chosen to fish on TV series “Wicked Tuna” was not by accident. A lot of research is done by production companies who spend over one million dollars filming a boat. They know they have hired a boat that will produce Trophy Giant Bluefin!

You can fish on the boat that was featured in “Wicked Tuna” for your chance to catch to catch a trophy Giant Bluefin Tuna.

Methods used for catching Bluefin Tuna:

Trolling is a common method used at certain times of year
Once the boat has arrived on the grounds, 3-4 rods are set out with lures of different varieties. These are usually top water swimmers so you can watch them swim gracefully through the water like a peaceful school of baitfish. We will use squid rigs which are many rubber squid all rigged together to resemble a school of squid. Mackerel are another one of the many rigs and lures we use while trolling.

Waiting for the ambush!

Watch carefully for the Tuna to ambush the rigs! Watch for a swirl behind the rigs – that means a Tuna is ready to strike. Tuna will also “short hit” the rigs and repeatedly jump out of the water – crashing behind the lures. This is quite a site! Sometimes there is no warning – just an explosion.

The explosion!
Even a small tuna 50 lbs will grab the rig and make it look a cast iron tub just fell into the water. A large Tuna will make a splash like a Volkswagen fell from the sky. The sight of this is something you will never forget!

Immediately following the explosion the outrigger will loudly” twang “and the reel will start screaming out line.

The excitement begins. The crew will set you up with a fighting belt if using “Stand-up” gear and coach you through the Tuna battle. You may choose to battle the Tuna yourself or pass the tuna rod to one of your buddies. The crucial time is the last few minutes of the fight. 90% of the tuna that break off are at the back of the boat. When this time comes, if you are fatigued, it is strongly recommended that you pass the rod! Listen carefully to the crew for instructions on how to land your Tuna.

Bait fishing for Tuna

Live and dead baits can be deadly for Tuna. Live baits are caught in a net set out by the crew and /or caught by you on rod and reel. Having the right bait can be tricky at times and is an important part of the days productivity. The boat is then anchored on a productive edge of a slope, these are “Tuna highways”. The Tuna will swim through this area during the day ,but you never know when. Tide changes are a key to Tuna fishing, there has been many days when it looks like a desert with no life and when the tide changes it brings a new day of bait and Tuna to the area. The baits are set out at different depths to entice the passing fish for a snack.

Chumming can also be effective to attract tuna into a feeding mode. Cut up pieces of bait thrown into the water produce a smell and fish will be attracted to it. Chumming will also attract many other species of fish,some you don’t want and can put you out of business looking for a Tuna bite. It takes good local knowledge of what is in the area to know whether to chum or not.

Most of our Larger Giant Tuna are caught this way. The Kayman Boats have landed Giants over 1000 pounds on a small chunk of herring!

Cod Fishing Charter – New England

Kayman Charters is noted for the best Haddock and Cod fishing trips on the East Coast! This is our primary fish that we target. No one has ever left the boat without dinner for their family and usually much, much more!! When you book a trip with the Kayman Too you can be confident that the Captain gives 110% to put the most fish in the boat as possible during your cod fishing charter trip!

Kayman Charters has been fishing Stellwagon Bank, Jeffery’s Ledge, and Tillies Bank for 17 years. We have consistently taken catches of Cod to 25-60lbs, Haddock to 15lbs, Pollock to 42lbs, and Wolfish to 35 lbs.

The average catch on your cod fishing charter can be anywhere between 500 to 1000 plus pounds of whole fish. Gloucester is approximately a 1½ hour ride to any of these great fishing spots. We are in the center of the best Cod fishing on the East Coast!

The rich cod fishing grounds within a short ride from Gloucester provide excellent cod fishing!

The Kayman Too and the Lisa & Jake leave the dock before 6am and return around 3-4pm. The ride out can be spent playing cards below or watching for Whales and dolphins on the deck.

Cod fishing is an art of following fish migration patterns and bottom types. During your cod fishing charter, a keen eye and a good bottom machine aids to the knowledge of knowing were to look. The bottom machine does not always show fish even when they are ample. Large Cod tend to lie flat on the bottom making them difficult to see. The type of bottom is always displayed, i.e. gravel pebbles or coral covered rocks, and will always look different than a soft sand or mud bottom. Years of experience can distinguish between the types of bottoms to begin the search.

Haddock Fishing Charter – New England

Kayman Charters is a full time fishing boat. We fish year round and always know where the fish are! We rely on repeat customers – there are very few people that we have seen only once! Charter boat fishing is our livelihood and only business, so you can be sure to get the best fishing experience. We do not hire inexperienced captains to follow other boats to rely on the catch. The Captain is the owner and wants to make sure you return happy. Most folks ask for our schedule to book a return trip before they depart!

Haddock Fishing on the Kayman Too

Double hookups are a challenge to land and a common sight on the Kayman Too!

Landing on schools of large fish during our Haddock fishing charters is not just luck. It takes years of experience and being on the grounds almost every day of the week. Knowing the migration patterns and areas of bait fish means we can produce the finest quality of catches for our customers. We’ll help you find and snag haddock on some of the richest fishing grounds in the coastal waters off Gloucester, Massachusetts. This is what makes the difference in the final catch of the day.

Haddock make Good Eats

Haddock are one of the best eating fish our New England waters offer. These tasty creatures are served in all fine restaurants across New England. Legal Seafoods, the leader in fish dishes, serves only hand-caught Haddock.

Haddock are normally deepwater fish that feed on small shellfish 1/4 the size of a dime. They travel in schools sometimes by the thousands. This makes for some great fishing and even better table fare!

The Best Months to Fish for Haddock

Haddock are available all year long in different spots. Summer can be a great time to Haddock fish as well as early spring March and April when the fish gather to spawn, this is a great way to get in on an early bite. Last Spring we were catching between 125 to 225 haddock per trip!!

Bait Fishing for Haddock

Haddock are usually caught on bait. Clams or shrimp is the preferred bait that we use on Kayman Charters. Certain areas that have a really healthy bottom – lots of mussels, starfish, crabs etc. – are excellent areas to fish with bait. The fish in these areas are feeding off of the bottom on this sea life.

The boat is anchored to establish a feeding spot. During your Haddock fishing charter, the smell of a fresh chunk of clam or cut fish will make for an easy offering to a fish on the hunt. The bite usually starts out slow with one fish here and there as the school congregates and then the feed is on!
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Kevin Twombly
Kayman Charters

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