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Seychelles is also synonymous with great sport fishing in pristine surrounds and the experienced crew aboard our vessels will ensure that you have the fishing experience of your life with state-of- the-art equipment, a horizon clear of other boats and a wide selection of fish just waiting to take the hook. Our deep sea fishing expeditions target yellow-fin and dog-tooth tuna, wahoo, dorado, barracuda, skipjack, rainbow runner, trevally, green jobfish, sailfish and the mighty marlin. The custom built fishing platform is invaluable for those inescable battles. From the Inner Islands with their imposing granite seascapes to the fish-rich waters of its remote atolls and sand cays, you can also try your hand at palangrotte, the local method of bottom-fishing where the prizes are red snapper, bream, bass which means together, some of the best tasting fish you will ever come across!

Our vessels offer an impressive suite of amenities that includes a spacious deck for memorable fishing expeditions. Many large specimens have been brought aboard, including blue and black marlin. We pioneer and continually support the conservation of our marine life, such releasing the game fish, allowing new guests an unparalleled opportunity to relish their chance at a big catch! Big Game fishing trips are normally undertaken around the inner islands due to the abundance of fish available, trips to the outer islands also cater for game fishing at your leisure.

The Amirantes Group, Platte, Coetivy and Bird Island are the most popular islands to launch from. These pearls of Seychelles are amid the best big game fishing destinations in the world! Average size 30 to 500 lb and 30 fish per day are common. The anglers are guaranteed hot bites in these waters: a marlin, a sailfish and a wahoo in one day. Your reel will scream when first class game fish strike your lure. There is nothing like the surge of adrenaline when a fish of that nature chases down your hook. After that it’s a match on whether or not you can stop it for a super grand slam!
 Fly Fishing,  Light tackle,  Liveaboard,  Long Range,  Night fishing,  Popper/Lure fishing,  Trolling,  Wreck Fishing
Sony Parekh
Stripper 46

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Atlantic Halibut
Coral Trout
Australian Salmon
King Mackerel
Striped Marlin
Bluefin Tuna
Yellowfin Tuna
Elephant fish

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