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About This Boat

Welcome to Miami Fishing Charters with Capt. Jay & Reel Adventure Charters.

With more than 30 years charter fishing Miami & Miami Beach, Join Capt. Jay and his crew on the ALL NEW custom built 57' USCG Licensed and Inspected Spellbound on our Miami fishing charters. Our Miami charter fishing boat Spellbound, is a licensed to take larger groups out on a Miami fishing charters. We can accommodate up to 20 people… All on one boat together. YES, if your group is 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16,17, 18 or more you can all go together on our Miami fishing charters ! The Spellbound is also great for smaller more intimate groups or two to six people, looking for a larger more comfortable and luxurious fishing charter yacht.

Our Deep Sea fishing tours are the perfect adventure for families, father and sons, corporate fishing outings & team building events, bachelor & bachelorette parties. If you are in Miami or Miami Beach on vacation or live here a Miami fishing charters are a great way to spend part of your day. If you are looking for a morning of adventure or a relaxing afternoon, Capt. Jay’s Miami fishing charters will get you there.

“Only ten minutes from our dock to the Deep Sea & Gulf Stream Lets’s Go Fishing Miami… Lines In!”

We are located at the north end of Miami Beach, just minutes from Miami’s ”South beach”, Aventura, Down Town Miami, Sunny Isles, Hollywood Beach, and Fort Lauderdale.

Miami Fishing Charters It’s All About The Fishing…

What makes Miami & Miami Beach such a great location for your fishing charter, is how close to the deep water and Gulf Stream are. Especially from where our dock, the Haulover Park Marina is located. We have our charter fishing in less than 15 minutes. The deep water, Gulf Stream, and drop off is a less than 2 mile ride from our dock ! We are fishing for Sailfish, Sharks, Swordfish, Marlin, Tuna, Mahi Mahi (Dolphin Fish), Wahoo, Kingfish, Barracuda, Jacks, Snapper & Grouper.

All are seasonally available less than 2 miles from our Marina. The fishing techniques that we specialize in are: Kite Fishing, Live Bait Fishing, Trolling, Bottom Fishing, Wreck Fishing & Reef Fishing. We make all of these fishing styles available to our guests. And will guide our customers to what will be most effective for the day, relating the conditions and time of year.

Miami Fishing Charters on Spellbound

Our custom built Spellbound is 57 feet long and nearly 20 feet wide. She is the perfect big game fishing platform for your group. All of the interior spaces are completely air conditioned while at sea. The spellbound has five (5) fish fighting chairs and shaded mezzanine seating for six (6) more in the cockpit just above the action. We have three live wells with a total of over 500 gallons of live bait storage. We have a complete set of tournament tackle ranging from 8lb ultra light to 130lb ultimate big game tackle, and everything in between. The spellbound is equipped with 40 feet out riggers and two down riggers. We also have a wide range of deep drop tackle from 20lb line for Golden Tilefish to heavy tackle for deep drop daytime Swordfish. The Spellbound is fully equipped with the latest in electronic safety, navigational, fish finding & entertainment equipment. We offer our guests a 32? flat screen HDTV, Apple TV, WIFI, IPOD, CD, DVD & Stereo inside and out. At the helm we have two chart plotters, GPS, AIS, Sirius Weather, Radar, two Sonar Fish Finders, VHF & auto pilot. The fly bridge has seating for 15 or more, so there is plenty of shaded room to stretch out in. The seating is divided between cushioned benches, two fighting chairs & a lounger.

Miami Fishing Charters for Kids…

The future of our great sport is our children. A passion for the outdoors & nature. Respect for the wildlife and their environment are traits that are taught by parents and learned by children. The sport of fishing will give your children first hand experiences that they will have for a lifetime. Learning to work hard, patience, compassion, respect, achievement & accomplishment, handling defeat & the joy of victory. All are skills learned through fishing. The memories you will make on a Miami charter fishing trip will last a lifetime, so will the pictures.

Miami Charter Fishing… Corporate Charters

Our 57' Spellbound was custom built to specifically accommodate corporate fishing charter customers out on a Deep Sea Sport & Recreational Fishing Charter. We have the only charter fishing boat in the Miami Florida area that can take more than six people on one boat.Our ALL NEW 57' Spellbound Charter boat is U.S.C.G licensed & Inspected. We can accommodate up to 20 anglers (people), all together on one boat. If the object of your corporate fishing charter is: team building, entertaining clients, or rewarding your employees or customers for loyalty or a job well done, why split the group up on to 3 or more boats in groups of 6 or less. On the Spellbound every one can enjoy the day together and share the experience. Our company and crew have taken corporate fishing charter groups out charter fishing for more 20 years. Our crew members are well trained and experienced to give your group the best possible Sport Game Fishing Charter possible. Entrust your group with us and we will take care of everything, just come ready for an exiting & a fun experience out at sea.

Miami Charter Fishing… About Us

I think it is important to know that we have been fishing our area for more than 30 years, and have learned our area like it was our own back yard. Over the years we have refined our craft, & have become really great fishermen. While continuing to have tremendous catches, our most important, & primary goal is for you, our customers to have a fun time, & a great experience.

We welcome novices & experienced anglers alike, kids, and absolutely anyone who wants to just have a fun & adventuress time. You do not need to have any experience to have a successful & fun fishing experience with us! We will teach, and show you everything, & encourage you to be as involved as you like.

We are happy to fish for the largest of monster fish, or fish for smaller reef fish. We just want to see everyone who comes on our charter fishing boat catch fish, & Have a wonderful experience!

Now that I have had a great catch what do we do with the fish?

If you are looking a fresh fish dinner our crew will gladly clean your catch and bag it up on ice ready for you to cook… We may even share one of our great recipes with you! Most trophy fish like Sailfish & Sharks can be released to fight again, while one of our very talented taxidermist can create an identical “release mounted trophy”. Although some trophy fish may be brought in at our customers request, and captains approval. That trophy fish and catch of a lifetime can be kept for a lifetime. The taxidermy companies that we suggest to our customers will make their catch come to life, full of color ready to jump into action.

Capt Jay’s History

I have been fishing my whole life. I caught my first fish with my father, at the age of 18 months. That first 2lb flounder was the start of it all. I am a fourth generation fisherman, and fishing rod builder. Although, I am the first in my family to take fishing from an avocation to their primary vocation. My great grandfather was a rod builder, and I still have a few of his hand made split bamboo rods. Every fishing rod on the boat was built by myself.My first paid fishing job was at the age of 13 as a second mate on the New Popeye, an 85 foot “party fishing boat”.

Now at 40, I can honestly say that I have been fishing professionally for more than 27 years. I worked charter fishing boats throughout college in New Orleans. I then began grad school in Miami, first as a mate, then as a captain on charter boats. At that time I also spent a lot of time tournament fishing, both in the Gulf of Mexico (out of New Orleans) in the Bahamas, and out of Miami . My first charter boat was a 24foot Topaz “Sweet Gina”. It had a single diesel engine, tuna tower, and ran daily trips for up to 3 anglers.

As an avid fisherman my most memorable job fishing came at the the age of 21. With a new 100ton U.S.C.G. captains license in my hand, I landed a job as captain of a 90 foot “party” fishing boat which ran three-day, and two-day long-range fishing trips, deep in the Bahamas. In charge of a five man crew, and up to 40 passengers, this job was a great learning experience. I stayed on that boat for seven seasons, and had the opportunity to catch just about very great fish available in the Gulf Stream. From a 9lb Yellow tail Snapper to a 90lb Black grouper, a 600+lbs Giant Blue Fin Tuna, to an 800+lbs Blue Marlin.

The Bahamian fishing season was only from the Spring to the Fall, so I spent most winters running charter fishing boats and commercial fishing in Miami. My second boat was a partnership in a 44 Striker named, ” A Quit All”. After running that boat for more than four years out of the Haulover Park Marina, I acquired sole ownership of my first full size charter fishing boat the “Spellbound”.

Now, the most exiting chapter is about to be written… We spent more than two years first designing, then searching for just the right custom boat builder to build our all new completely custom designed Sports Fisherman. Our new boat was designed from nearly 30 years of experience to make the ultimate fishing machine while also making the most stable and comfortable platform for our customers. A year of design, another year finding the right builder, and a year to build the boat, our time has come and the ALL NEW Spellbound is here! Seven days hard running from Newton Boats in Slidell Louisiana and a lot of hard work and the 57' brand new Spellbound is in service, USCG licensed & inspected for large groups. We are no longer limited to six passengers! So bring your friends and lets go fishing on the All New Newton Sports Fisherman hull #1 “SPELLBOUND”.

My greatest accomplishments are some tournament wins like the first place fun fish boat in the Miami Billfish Tournament. Although possessing a few I.G.F.A. records, METT Tournament wins, and guiding customers to their own I.G.F.A. records, my favorite accomplishment was the discovery of a new species of Tile Fish. Experiencing the process of the research, and realization I had received the great honor of discovering an unknown fish. The icing on the cake was when I was given the privilege to name it (Bahama Tiger Tile). Another mile stone is my relationship with SIMRAD marine electronics. We have become one of their new equipment testing platforms and may have a small part in influencing how their equipment evolves.

Having fished many tournaments, wining several, and placing in many, it is charter fishing that I truly enjoy. Being able to help anglers catch there first Sailfish, break their own personal records, I.G.F.A. records, or the best of all catching a child or adult their first fish. That’s the greatest part of professional fishing. But to me the most important part of charter fishing is to have fun !
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Jay Cohen
Miami Fishing Charters

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