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Welcome to Propiedad de Paradise Lodge, ground zero to Panama's World Class offshore and enlarge-map inshore saltwater fishery. Our exotic sport fishing lodge is located 12-miles off the southern coast of Panama, inside the isolated tropical sanctuary of Chiriqui National Marine Park, on Isla Paridas. We are unique because we are in the heart of the Gulf of Chiriqui and only miles away from the famed fishing grounds of the Hannibal Bank and Isla Montuosa. The nutrient rich waters here are the yearlong home to the majestic Black Marlin, powerful Yellowfin Tuna, aggressive Roosterfish, huge Cubera Snapper, and a variety of more than twenty other prized gamefish.

Other hot spots such as Isla Coiba, Islas Secas, and Islas Ladrones are also all within reach of our island lodge. The choice is yours to fish inshore, near the lodge, or venture out to blue water. Our veteran captains will work with you to customize your Panama fishing experience. Whether you like Jigging, Popping, Kite fishing, Trolling plastics, or Live baiting we will customize your trip to suit your desires. And rest assured that our meticulously maintained vessels are equipped with the finest in today’s tackle and equipment.

When you return from your day on the water……relax in your air conditioned jungle cabana overlooking a magnificent volcanic rock beach with mesmerizing blue-green water that teems with life. Enjoy a cold drink surrounded by lush rainforest canopies and exotic species of flora and fauna. Our comfortable luxurious accommodations, exquisite cuisine, personalized service, and relaxed atmosphere will set you at ease. If you’re looking for a world-class sport fishing vacation on a remote tropical island oasis, you’ve found the right place.

Panama Fishing

The Gulf of Chiriqui's diverse fishery is so remarkable because of it's unique bathymetry dominated by undersea structure and currents. These banks and pinnacles, like our fishing grounds at the famed Hannibal Bank and near Isla Montuosa, are fed by the nutrient rich waters of the Humboldt Current. This strong underwater current flows north,along the west side of South America, up into the Gulf of Chiriqui and drives in cold, nutrient-rich water from the ocean floor and brings it to the surface. These nutrients support abundant microscopic life, which in turn supports a chain of ever-larger baitfish which bring the larger predatory Pelagics here to hunt. It is not rare to come across huge schools of boiling Yellowfin Tuna or see Black Marlin exploding on the surface chasing bait offshore here.

The Panamanian government has banned large long-lining operations and purse seiners from our waters. Due to this lack of heavy fishing pressure the offshore fishing action here is legendary! Propiedad de Paradise Lodge is committed to the sustainable use and conservation of our fishery and all of the precious natural resources. We'd like it to be enjoyed for our family's generations to come. We practice catch and release of all Billfish and Roosterfish. And only keep fish we intend to eat. The rest are released to fight another day!

Our "season" typically runs from December through June. These months typically have the calmest seas due to being the height of the "dry" season and is when the majority of bait is moving through the Gulf of Chiriqui. The Black Marlin, although caught here year-round, concentrate in larger numbers following the bait as their food source starting in December. Pacific sailfish that top the 100-pound mark move in to join the feeding frenzy starting in January. Shortly there after the large schools of Yellowfin Tuna move in and invade the Gulf of Chiriqui. Also year round residents the peak YFT bite occurs February through July. 50 to 80-pound Tunas are the norm while 100 to 200-pound plus cows are common. Dolphin or "Dorado" are encountered any day of the year as well. The biggest bulls are often encountered December through February while trolling larger offerings for billfish or near floating debris.

Inshore species include Cubera Snapper, Roosterfish, Grouper, Cero Mackerel, Blue/Black Trevally and Amberjack. Inshore fishing isn't as seasonal like the offshore scene and is very good during the "rainy season". Year round the Roosters and Cuberas are caught only a stone's throw from our lodge. Casting poppers and slow trolling live Blue Runners/Goggle Eyes are the preferred method we use here for the inshore action.

Our Fishing Methods Include:

Jigging and Popping (Butterfly Jigs, Poppers, Casting Irons)
Live Bait Kite Fishing (Goggle Eyes, Blue Runners)
Slow Trolling Live Bait (Bridling Bonito, Blue Runners, Small YFT)
Drifting Live/Dead Bait
Trolling Plastic Lures
Trolling Dead Bait (Ballyhoo, Mackerel)


The proximity to the excellent Panama fishing grounds and the remoteness of our tropical island paradise is what makes us so unique. We are located inside Panama’s Gulf of Chiriqui National Marine Park and part of the Paridas Archipielago, a scattering of over 25 nationally protected tropical islands, 19 coral reefs, and abundant wildlife that is 12 miles off the Pacific coast. A thirty minute boat ride from Boca Chica brings you to the largest island in the chain Isla Paridas. Beautiful white sand and palm tree lined beaches await your exploration as the lodge overlooks the Pacific Ocean teeming with turtles, schools of baitfish, and migrating whales. Snorkeling, beach combing, bird watching, ocean kayaking, or just hanging out at the lodge also provide endless days of activities for those not fishing.

Even with the island location and complete isolation our offshore lodge and rooms offer all of the modern comforts: Air conditioning, hot water showers, ice machine, solar generated power, purified water, and free WiFi. The luxurious accommodations in the two bedroom guest house also include your choice of outdoor or indoor shower, queen size bed, tropical hard wood built furniture, adult size bunk beds, sofas, flat screen TV, stereo system, fans, and a small refrigerator. Laundry service available upon request.

Cuisine is served overlooking the volcanic rocks and panoramic ocean views of the surrounding islands from our spacious patio and decks. Meals prepared by your personal chef include fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood from the island and the Golfo de Chiriqui. Our food includes a wonderful array of Panamanian and American dishes, homemade breads as well as a variety of appetizers and drinks. Let us know in advance and we will customize the menu to suit your needs.

 Fly Fishing,  Light tackle,  Popper/Lure fishing,  Trolling,  Wreck Fishing
Capt. Shane Jarvis
Propiedad De Paradise Lodge Panama

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Blue Marlin
Dorado/Mahi Mahi/Dolphinfish
Great Barracuda
Bigeye Tuna (Atlantic)

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