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The Central Queensland Coast is one of those hidden gems, vivid coastlines expanding some 200 odd kilometers with areas of remote and relatively unpressured waters. Having the appropriate vessels to make thoughts become reality,

Johnny Mitchells Fishing Charters has created a number of unique charters to make fishing these waters possible. Remote trips for 4 days to Stanage Bay and Shoalwater Bay chasing everything with fins will become an adventure on its own. Barramundi, blue and king salmon, fingermark, black jew, reef fish, spanish mackerel, queenfish and GT's will become a mixed bag affair; deciding which to chase will be the challenge.

Without forgetting local homewaters, salt water barramundi charters are still available. Brilliantly coloured wild stocks abound in our coastal estuaries. Fishing for wild barra has an exciting energy that out shines lake fisheries. Metre long wild barra strike like a hammer and fight harder than lake dwelling fish. Salties are the worthy, pinnacle contender, even at 80 to 90 cm in length. Aside from barra, the introduction of species specific and multi-day charters will offer anglers the opportunity to experience the region's fishing dimension. Day tours to Yellow Patch on North Curtis Island provide convenience for those keen to laze in the sun or explore the wonders of Curtis Island.

Surface fishing for metre plus queenfish on spin tackle has now been added to the charter list as well as casting and trolling for large spanish mackerel, at times in excess of 30 to 40 kilograms. Offshore wreck fishing with jig and live bait is accommodated; cobia, trevally, mackerel, cod, grunter and jew- just to name a few. Mud crabbing is another satisfying and rewarding experience with trips to North Curtis Island being scenic, relaxing, educational and productive- securing delicious crabs for the table.

Johnny Mitchells Fishing Charters will be offering heli-fishing charters to remote areas, made accessible by helicopter and pilot while simply being brought to life by breath taking scenery with all angling requirements taken care of by your fishing guide. Keep your eyes out for this opportunity.

We're also offering two forms of personal training with coastal and local navigation charters covering familiarisation of waterways and land based fishing classes. These will be provided to those with the interest to learn and can be tailored for individual requirements.

We have also facilitated the design of our vessels to further engage in environmental science and research projects such as bird surveys, dugong counts, turtle catching, live fish capture and transport plus other assignments requiring an experienced operator and certified vessel.

Comprehensively, the selection of charters, tours and updates on the blog should create enjoyment and satisfaction highlighting the positive vibe of being free in such a beautiful country. Some of these trips will open your eyes to wild and wonderful lands, all within reach of those with the drive to explore and who appreciate nature in its rawest form.


Barramundi are caught locally in the harbour's estuary systems. Lure casting for barramundi with modern and old school lure fishing techniques is fun and rewarding with the chance of catching fish from 60cm to 130cm. Gladstone has always been known for metre long salt water barramundi and Johnny has specialised in barra, successfully targeting them for the last 25 years. Barra of 141cm and 138cm are the best fish he and his colleagues have captured in local saltwater estuaries. Charters take place within the harbour, rivers, creeks and mangrove systems of the local region- all year, right through winter and in the coldest of waters on offer. Spin tackle with 20lb braid creates an ideal and comfortable combination for casting, working lures and landing barra. Using a modern side-imaging fish finding sonar plus having an I-pilot electric motor that is controlled via satellites, your operator and his vessels are well tuned to the barra guiding game. All tackle, lunch, drinks and nibbles are supplied on charter.


Spanish mackerel charters are specialist trips. If you want a blood rush from a large fish, this charter is for you. Trolling rigged baits up to 4 kilograms and high speed cast and retrieve lure fishing tactics are employed to entice strikes. Commonly captured with Johnny in the 15 to 30 kilo range big spanish mackerel are exciting toothy characters with long blistering runs, vicious head shakes and that will to fight all the way to the boat. A bag limit of 2 fish per person exists, with a maximum of 4-6 fish to be taken on charter- the guide's recommendation. One 15 kilo fish returns a significant amount of fresh fillet. Releasing spanish mackerel isn't recommended by the guide, but can be successfully done in ideal circumstances. Taking a few spanish for the table is the idea as well as enjoying the experience and learning about yet another coastal and migratory species of both recreational and commercial value.


100 to 120cm Queenfish are dynamic, acrobatic and energetic. A morning session chasing large queenfish up to 15 kilograms is an active form of fishing that will keep you on your toes. Casting lures from 20lb spin tackle is the aim. When topwater fishing, watching a big queenfish smash your lure off the surface is a very exciting rush. Treated as a catch and release fishery, big queenfish are great fun and incredible sporting catches. Charters are commonly complete and returned to base in 4 to 5 hours allowing you to continue your day with a smile, some fantastic memories and iconic photographs. Johnny hasn't taken an angler fishing who hasn't loved chasing big Queenies! Lunch, drinks and nibbles are supplied.

Are you looking for an escape? Try a fishing, exploring and adventure package with a difference. Book our 4 day extended charter to remote waters within Central Queensland.

Stanage Bay, Broadsound and Shoalwater Bay are all accessible waters with a multitude of species available. Given ideal weather opportunity it's possible to target GT's, mackerel, queenfish, reef fish, black jew, fingermark, barramundi and king salmon; sometimes all in the one day.

With accommodation on site and food options catered for, all you require on this 4 day stay is yourself, your personal equipment and a free-spirited nature. Explore the rugged coastlines close to military training areas and chance your arm at fantastic fish.

All tackle, meals, nibbles and soft drinks are supplied, however there is a 'replace if lost' clause on tackle- some nasty fish exist- although our tackle selection minimises tackle and lure losses.

Pick ups can be arranged from Gladstone and Rockhampton. Also, the opportunity to self drive to Stanage Bay in your private 4wd vehicle is an option worth considering- remote country certainly worth a visit.

The accommodation base is a privately owned house at Stanage Bay. Home cooking or pub meals are available. This isn't a 5 star resort on the Gold Coast, it's a place to rest, relax and prepare yourself for the next day.

Due to the tides, pre dawn starts may be possible. Returning to base is restricted by the tides, 10 hour days on the water will be common.

Designed for 2 or 3 anglers. 9 to 12 hr days, tide dependant.


Adequate variety exists locally to offer 3-4 day packages for 2-3 people. Weather as the guideline- many local species can be targeted over 3-4 days. Would you be keen on offshore wreck fishing, queenfish popping, barramundi luring, mud crabbing, chasing big spanish mackerel or popping that randomly large giant trevally on spin tackle, or simply walking the flats chasing a flathead or blue salmon with a small lure? Packages can be created to suit individual bookings and are moulded to local tides, seasons and weather conditions. All inclusive- tackle, lunch, drinks and nibbles.


Come and explore the remarkable world of Port Alma; a series of massive estuary systems in the midst of the Central Queensland coast. This charter is based on lure casting for barramundi, (commonly captured between 70cm and 110cm, winter included) then expanding to some deep water jigging for fingermark and estuary cod. Depending on the weather it may also be possible to target trevally, grey mackerel and black jew fish further offshore. The idea is to target mixed species in a single outing, but using barramundi fishing as the core element, fishing further north away from our home city. An hours car drive followed by the days' 5-7 hours boating will be an adventure on its own, especially when targeting barramundi in the dead of winter when many anglers are at home, wondering.

Designed for 2 or 3 people- all inclusive, tackle, lunch, drinks and nibbles.


Interested in fishing submerged wrecks in offshore waters? Try your hand at jig fishing, spinning or maybe even live baiting for a variety of species such as cobia, trevally, mackerel, tuna, grunter, black jew, and reef fish. Many offshore wrecks rest in under 30 metres of water and are home to resident and migratory fish. Even black marlin pass by. All inclusive- tackle, lunch, drinks and nibbles are supplied. (2-3 ppl)


Charters for 1-2 people can be organised to fish remote parts of our Central Queensland coastline. Try an adventure with a buzz; that special trip where you fly over some magnificent coastline and drop into some impressive locations, where meeting another angler is unlikely. Land in a safe and secure spot, hop out and lure for barramundi and other species. Be transported via helicopter with an experienced pilot and personally guided by Johnny Mitchell to remote areas he remembers well. Prices are based on helicopter engine hours and availability of the machine. All tackle, lunch, drinks and nibbles are supplied.


Fly fisherman are catered for with personalised charters. Seasonal migrations of species may provide perfect opportunity for the fly angler with their own tackle. Trophy sized fish like queenfish, barramundi and spanish mackerel are strong possibilities.
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