Half Moon Bay, California, United States

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About This Boat

The "Riptide" is owned and operated by Capt. William Smith. "Capt. Smitty" has worked on party boats in the Bay Area for over twenty five years, has been a licensed captain for twenty years, and has been involved in Half Moon Bay fishing for the past ninteen years. Much of his time in Half Moon Bay has been with Capt. John’s "Blue Horizon," as well as other boats, including the three "cat boats" – the Huli Cat, Top Cat, and Pogie Cat.

Capt. Smitty’s Riptide Sportfishing specializes in providing personalized attention to individuals and small groups. His enthusiasm for fishing makes your trip memorable. The F/V Riptide is a 40’ fiberglass hull, equipped with turbo diesel, state-of-the art electronics, and is licensed and inspected by the United States Coast Guard. Seasoned fishermen in the Bay Area will know the vessel as the New Mary S. Riptide is located on "H" dock at Pillar Pt. Harbor in El Granada (near Half Moon Bay), California.
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William Smith

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Trophy Rockfish
Ocean Whitefish
Striped Marlin
Yellowfin Tuna
Atlantic Bonito
Blue Shark
Thresher Shark
Mako Shark

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