Got Tarpon

Key West, Florida, United States

 26 FT   6 PAX
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About This Boat

The Got Tarpon is a really unique boat, a 26 foot long T-Craft. T-Crafts have been around the Keys for years. The hull that ran the Keys economy for years. If you don't know what I mean, they were specially designed to run really shallow with a very heavy payload. In the Keys of years past the drug runners used to drop the square groupers (bails of drugs) in the shallow waters of the flats where no one would see them and no one would venture because of the shallow draft. The T-craft could carry 5000-6000lbs and still run fast in the really shallow water (10 inches deep) avoiding the pursuit of law enforcement. The T-crafts used to be all over the Keys and are now being recognized for a special purpose. To run shallow with such a heavy load they had to be absolutely flat in the back end of the boat making them extremely stable (they don't rock at all), they make a perfect shallow water fishing platform.

They have a deep V upfront but they will not do well offshore. The really awesome thing about this boat is it can do things that other boats can't. It fishes shallow with up to 6 people on it like no boat can. It is the ultimate shallow water fishing boat, it doesn't rock at all and is super stable. With its over 10 foot beam she has the fishing room of a boat twice her size. It is definitely not a boat for all purposes but what she does, she does better than any other hull. It is a shallow water Shark, Tarpon, back country channel fishing boat with no equal. She has a t-top for shade, plenty of seating and lots of deck space to fight the big fish. Step back into history and pretend your out there running the shallows in search of a new adventure.
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Mike Weinhofer
Compass Rose Charters

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