Black Rose

Brant Rock, Massachusetts, United States

 25 FT   4 PAX
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About This Boat

We are dedicated to providing you the best experience possible on the water. Our boat is a 25' C-Hawk Sport Cabin that we bought new in April, 2004. This is powered by a Suzuki 250 HP 4-stroke engine that we installed new in 2007! This engine is awesome. It brings you quietly and quickly to the fishing grounds. At idle speed, she's remarkably quiet, almost silent when trolling for tuna or stripers. In most instances, you will be fishing for cod within one hour of the dock. We like to cruise at roughly 30 miles per hour. On calm days, I can get her to almost 45 mph. This means much less travel time, which means more fishing time for you all. Just because the boat goes fast doesn't mean that I have to go fast. (If you were concerned about bouncing around--I'm considerate of everyone's bones!) The boat is equipped with a fully enclosed cabin to provide shelter from the weather, should you need it.

Porta-potti use on the boat...has been spoiled by the comment from a woman "I know what it takes for you to clean out one of those things, have you got a 5 gallon bucket for me? She is a veteran camper and sailboater, so she understands....

While drift fishing, this boat fishes 5 people without problem and we've had 6 people fishing many times. The bow fishing area is an ideal fishing platform and is a favored spot of serious fishermen. When sight fishing for blues and stripers and BREAKING BLUEFIN TUNA, this bow area is valuable as it allows us to fish 4 people easily casting at breaking fish!
 Light tackle,  Popper/Lure fishing,  Trolling,  Wreck Fishing
Capt. Rich Antonino
Black Rose

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