About This Fish

Black Skipjack Tuna

The black skipjack tuna ( Euthynnus lineatus) belongs to Family Scombridae under Order Perciformes of Class Actinopterygii. It is also known as little tuna, false albacore, spotted tuna, mackerel tuna and skipjack. It is distributed in Eastern tropical Pacific from San Simeon, California to northern Peru and the Galápagos Islands. It is a pelagic and oceanodromous species which occurs in open waters but it always remains close to the shoreline. It forms multi species school by size with other scombrid species.

t is medium sized fish with a robust, elongate and fusiform body. Dorsal side of the body has generally iridescent blue color while lower sides and belly are silvery white with four to five broad, straight black stripes that run horizontally along the back. Several dark spots are usually present in lower sides between the pectoral and the ventral fins. It has two dorsal fins which are separated by a small interspace. It grows up to 100 cm in length and about 13.6 kg in weight. It is a highly opportunistic predator which indiscriminately feeds on squid, crustaceans and small surface fishes such as clupeoids and atherinids. It competes for food with other species such as yellowfin tuna, common dolphin and oriental bonito etc. Adult black skipjack tuna prefer temperatures below 23°.

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