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Captain fish

The captain fish (Polydactylus quadrifilis) is also known as West African threadfin, Kujeli, Shiney Nose, Barbo, Barbudo, Capitaine, Ntsena etc. It belongs to family Polynemidae under Order Perciformes of Class Actinopterygii. It is distributed in the Eastern Atlantic from Senegal to Congo. This species occurs in the shallow and often muddy waters of estuaries and lagoons or along beaches.

The captain fish (Polydactylus quadrifilis) is relatively elongated and somewhat compressed fish. Body is covered with small ctenoid scales. Coloration of the Captain fish is dull silvery gray or brownish on the back and whitish ventrally. A dark smudge is sometimes present on the gill cover. Mouth is large, upper lip is absent and lower lip is well developed. Pectoral fin is divided in to two parts, of which, lower portion contains four to five detached thread like rays which are slightly longer than the upper pectoral rays. It has two widely separated dorsal fins, of which, second dorsal is deeply concave. First dorsal has 8 spines while second with 1 spines and 11-12 soft rays. Anal fin is located just opposite to the second dorsal fin and it is deeply concave with 2 - 3 spines and 11 - 12 soft rays. Lateral line is nearly straight and caudal fin is deeply forked with equal lobe. The Captain fish is a carnivorous feeder and it feed consists of small fish, crabs, prawns, squid or octopus. It grows up to 200 cm in length and 75 kg in weight.

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