About This Fish


The garfish (Belone belone) is also known as sea needle fish or gar pike which belongs to family Belonidae under Order Beloniformes of Class Actinopterygii. It is found in brackish and marine waters of the Eastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic Sea, etc. It is a pelagic fish with long and almost cylindrical body.

The garfish's head is long with sharp beak-like snout. The dorsal and anal fins are similar in shape and originate behind the mid-point of the body, of which, anterior part of both fins are with relatively high lobes. Caudal fin is forked and lateral line is complete which runs close to belly. Back is bluish green with silver sides and belly and the latter is with a yellow tinge. Its pelvic fin is located in abdominal position with 6 soft rays. Dorsal fin has 16-20 soft rays while anal fin contains 19-23 soft rays. Lower jaw is little longer than upper jaw which are lined with numerous sharp teeth while juvenile has greatly elongated jaw. It is a ferocious predator and its food consists of small fish such as Baltic herring, sprats, sand eels and crab larva. Larger individuals also takes free-swimming crustaceans. It moves inshore into shallow water in May-June to spawn. It is oviparous and the eggs are often found to attach with algae and marine grasses in the water by tendrils on the egg's surface. It reaches up to 93 cm in length and 1.3 kg in weight.

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