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Golden Snapper

The golden snapper (Centroberyx affinis) is also known as the eastern nannygai, redfish, bight redfish, red snapper, Red Squirrel-fish or koarea. It is a ray finned fish which belongs to family Berycidae under Order Beryciformes of Class Actinopterygii. It is found in eastern Australia from western Bass Strait and northeastern Tasmania to Moreton Bay, Queensland, New Zealand, the Chesterfield Islands and New Caledonia. It occurs on rocky reefs and muddy substrates of the continental shelf and upper slope and it forms dense schools close to the bottom at dawn and dusk and disperse throughout the water column at night to feed. Juvenile also aggregates in schools and are found in estuaries and shallow coastal waters.

The golden snapper has a moderately deep, compressed body and a large head with serrated opercular and preopercular margins. It has deep orange-red to silvery-blue body. The head and eye are red while the pectoral fin is translucent with a pinkish-yellow base and the other fins are orange to red. Scales have pale red spot at the centre with golden edge which forms narrow horizontal lines or stripes along the sides. It has large eyes and an oblique mouth that extends back to the posterior margin of the eye. It has a single dorsal fin with 6-7 spines and 11-13 soft rays. Anal fin has 4 spines with 12 soft rays and it is located at the lower margin of the body just opposite to the soft rayed portion of the dorsal fin. The caudal fin is deeply forked. It is bento-pelagic feeders which mainly feed on bentho-pelagic fish, crustaceans and mollusks. Male appears to mature at 35 cm while female at 32 cm in length. It is multiple batch spawners which spawn in summer to early autumn. It grows up to 51 cm in length and 2 kg in weight.

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