About This Fish


The guitarfish (Rhinobatos rhinobatos) is a cartilaginous fish which belongs to family Rhinobatidae under Order Rhinobatiformes of Class Elasmobranchii. It is also known as violinfish, Fiddler Ray, or Banjo Shark. It is found tropical and warm temperate waters worldwide. It inhabits sandy and muddy bottoms from the intertidal zone to about 100 meters in depth and sometimes near rocky reefs. It often travels in large schools.

The guitarfish’s body is elongated and the head is tri-angular or guitar-like in shape. Upper surface of the body is khaki-brown while underside is white. The tail has a typical shark-like form. It has two dorsal fins and a well developed caudal fin. Pectoral fin is fused to the side of the head. Rostral ridge is widely separated over the entire length. Anterior nasal lobe reaches to level of inner corner of nostril while posterior nasal flap is wide. Spiracle is with two moderately developed folds, of which, the outer one is more prominent. Thorn is relatively small which is present around inner margin of orbits between spiracles on shoulders and along midline of disc and tail. It is a bottom dwelling fish which mainly feeds on small fishes and benthic invertebrates such as crustaceans and mollusks. Male reaches sexual maturity at 75 cm while female at 85 cm in length. It is ovoviviparous which produces 4-6 pups per litter measuring 30 cm at birth. It grows up to 2oo cm in length.

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