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Queen Mackerel

The Queen mackerel (Scomberomorus plurilineatus) is a ray-finned which is also known as the Kanadi seerfish, or spotted mackerel. It belongs to the family Scombridae under order Perciformes of Class Actinopterygii. It is found in subtropical waters of the western Indian Ocean, Seychelles, Kenya and Zanzibar to South Africa and along the west coast of Madagascar. It commonly occurs in depths of 50 to 200 m. The Queen mackerel is a large pelagic schooling species which is often found in the surf and backline over sand banks near the shore.

The Queen mackerel’s body is elongated with pointed snout. Body color is blue on back, silvery on sides and belly. Body is covered with small scales. Lateral line is without auxiliary branches anteriorly and it is gradually curved down toward caudal peduncle. Mouth is wide with strong upper and lower jaws. Dorsal fin has two parts: the spinous part contains 15-17 spines and soft part with 19-21 rays. Spinous dorsal fin is dark up to 8 spines with white posteriorly. Anal fin contains 19-22 soft rays and it originates below anterior part of second or soft dorsal fin and is followed by 7-10 finlets while second or soft part of dorsal fin is followed by 8-10 finlets. Pectoral fin contains 21-26 soft rays and pelvic fin is thoracic which originates from just opposite to the first dorsal fin. Caudal fin is forked with two equal lobes. Interpelvic process is small and bifid. It feeds mainly on small fishes such as anchovies, clupeids, other small fishes, squids, and mantis shrimps. This fish is a fast-growing species which reaches sexual maturity at approximately two years of age. It reaches up to 120 cm in length and 12.5 kg in weight.

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