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Red Bass

The red bass (Lutjanus bohar) is a perch like ray finned fish which belongs to family Luthjanidae under order Perciformes of Class Actinopterygii. It is also known as two spot red snapper, Kelp bream, twin spot snapper, bohar snapper etc. It is distribution in the Indo-Pacific from east Africa to the Marquesas and Line islands, north to the Ryukyu Islands and south to Australia. The species normally occurs at depths of 10-70 m but can range from 4 - 180 m. The snapper inhabits coral reefs, including sheltered lagoons and outer reefs. It is usually found singly often adjacent to steep outer reef slopes, but is occasionally found in groups at the base of reef slopes or drop-offs.

The red bass’s body is elongated with a somewhat pointed snout. Dorsal profile of head is rounded. Back and upper side of the body is dark brown or blackish, lower sides and belly is reddish with darker horizontal stripes. Fins are usually dusky except pectoral fin which is pink with prominently black dorsal edge. Young and some adult have two silvery white spots on back. Large adult is mostly plain red in color. Posterior profile of dorsal and anal fin is rounded. Caudal fin is slightly emerginate. Dorsal fin contains 10 spines with 13-14 soft rays while anal fin consists of 3 spines and 8 rays. Preopercular notch and knob is moderately developed. The red bass feeds mainly on fishes but also takes shrimps, crabs, amphipods, stomatopods, gastropods and urochordates. The female red bass reaches sexual maturity at the age of 9 years while male at 2 years. The female spawns during the period from August to April. It is a relatively long lived slow growing and late maturing tropical fish. It grows up to 90 cm in length and it can live up to 56 years.

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