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Rock Cod

The rock cod (Lotella rhacina) is a temperate fish which is also known as beardie, Beardie Cod, Kelp Rock Cod, Ling, Ling Cod-fish, Small-scaled Rock Cod or Large-tooth beardy. It belongs to the family Moridae under order Gadiformes of Class Actinopterygii. It is known to occur in the temperate waters of the south-west Pacific on the east and west coast of Australia including Lord owe Island and in New Zealand including the Kermadec Islands. It is found in caves in bays and coastal reefs. It is frequently found inshore and inhabits shallow waters in the continental shelf with typical depth of 10 to 90 meters.

The rock cod's body is elongated with tapering to a narrow caudal peduncle. It has inferior moderate mouth. Rock cod is yellow-grey to red-brown with white fin margins around the edge of the fins. It has a short-based first dorsal fin which is closely followed by a long-based second dorsal fin. Dorsal fin contains 52-72 soft rays while anal fin has 42-56 rays. Anal fin is very long which originates behind pectoral fin origin. The pelvic fin is thoracic which is located anterior to the pectoral fin. Pectoral fin is long and pointed. The body and head is covered with tiny cycloid scales. Lateral line is complete which runs from operculum to the base of caudal fin. Caudal fin is rounded with white edge and it is separated from dorsal and anal fin. It has singular barbell on its chin. It feeds on nekton and fishes. The rock cod grows up to 50 cm in length.

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