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The Samson fish (Seriola hippos) is also known as Allied kingfish, Abrolhos, sambo, Kingy, samson, sea king fish etc. It belongs to the family Carangidae under Order Perciformes of Clssa Actinopterygii. It is found in the Indo-Pacific Oceans to eastern Northland in New Zealand. It occurs in inshore oceanic waters often associated with reefs, jetties and pylons. Sometimes it enters estuaries. It prefers warmer water although it is occasionally found in cooler water.

The Samson fish has an elongated and compressed body with forked caudal fin and blunt head. Upper profile of head is convex while lower profile is straight. The juvenile fish body color varies from green to yellow with five dark vertical bands running down its body. The eyes and dorsal fins are a bronze-red while the caudal fin is transparent with two yellow blotches. The adult is usually silvery with a brownish to bronze sheen on the back and sides while belly is silvery white and paler underneath. Dark blotches are present on the back and sides. Sometimes a yellow stripe is also present on the side of the body. The dorsal and anal fins are elevated anteriorly. The pectoral fin is small which is located just above the pelvic fin. Dorsal fin is dusky to dark with 22-25 rays while anal and caudal fins are generally dark. The Samson fish is a powerful predator which feeds on both pelagic and demersal prey such as pilchards, yellowtail scad, red snappers, squid and cuttlefish. The Samson fish grows very fast and it attains a size of 60 cm after just two years. The female reaches sexual maturity at 89 cm in length and four years of age. The Samson fish can grow to at least 175 cm in length and 55 kg in weight. It can live up to 32 years.

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