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Seer Fish

The seer fish (Scomberomorus guttatus) is also known as Indo-Pacific king mackerel or spotted seer fish. It is a sea fish which belongs to the family Scombridae under order Perciformes of class Actinopterygii. It is found in continental Indo-West Pacific from Wakasa Bay, Sea of Japan and China south to Singapore and Sumatra and west to Bombay. It is a pelagic migratory fish which inhabits coastal waters at depths between 15-200 m. It sometimes enters turbid estuarine waters which forms usually small school.

The seer fish’s body is elongated and strongly compressed with much shorter snout. Body is silvery white with several longitudinal rows of round dark brownish spots which is sparsely scattered along lateral median line. It has two dorsal fins, of which, the first dorsal fin contains 15-17 spines while second dorsal with 20-24 soft rays which is followed by 7-9 finlets. Anal fin is situated just opposite to the second dorsal fin which bears 20-24 rays and it is also followed by 7-9 finlets. Pectoral fin is moderate in size and pointed which contains 20-24 rays. First dorsal fin membrane is black but pectoral, second dorsal and caudal fins are dark brown while pelvic and anal fins are silvery white. Lateral line is complete which extends from operculum to the caudal peduncle. It feeds mainly on squids, crustaceans and small schooling fishes such as sardines and anchovies. It attains sexual maturity between 48 and 52 cm in length. Spawning occurs from April to July. It grows up to 76 cm in length.

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