About This Fish


The snapper (Pagrus auratus) is also known as silver bream, Australasian snapper, Cockney, Cockney Bream, Nobbler, Pink Snapper, Pinkie, Pinky, Queen, Red Bream, Rugger, Schnapper, Tamure, White Snapper etc. It is a ray-finned fish which belongs to the family Sparidae under Order Perciformes of Class Actinopterygii. It is common in coastal and offshore waters from the Capricorn Group in north Queensland around the coast of southern Australia to Coral Bay in Western Australia including Tasmania. It inhabits rocky reefs over mud and sand substrates while juvenile mainly inhabits inlets, bays and other shallow sheltered marine waters often over mud and seagrass.

The snapper’s body is elongated with large black spot on the gill cover. Snout is more than twice as long as the eye diameter. It has a large bony hump on the head and a fleshy bulge on the snout. The snapper is usually pinkish to brown on the upper sides and silvery below. It has bright blue spots on the upper body. Dorsal fin is long with 11 spines and 13-14 soft rays while anal fin contains 3 spines and 11-12 soft rays. The snapper feeds on small fish, crabs, shrimps, worms, mollusks, jellyfish and echinoderms such as sea urchins, starfish and algae. It is preyed upon by bigger species such as large estuary cod, dolphins and sharks. It attains Sexual maturity at the age between 2 and 3 years and about 30 cm in length. It grows up to 130 cm in length and 20 kg in weight. It can live up to 54 years.

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