About This Fish

Spanish Mackerel

The Spanish mackerel (Scomber commerson) is a ray finned fish which belongs to the family Scombridae under order Perciformes of class Actinopterygii. It is also known as barred mackerel, Commerson’s mackerel, cybium, king mackerel, kingfish, macko, narrow-bar, narrow-barred king mackerel etc. It is widely distributed throughout the Indo-West Pacific from South Africa and the Red Sea east through the Indo-Australian Archipelago to Australia and Fiji and north to China and Japan.

The Spanish mackerel has a long and narrow body with pointed snout. Body is dark blue along the top while belly is silvery and sides are silvery grey which is marked with transverse vertical bars of a darker grey. Cheek and lower jaw are silvery white while first dorsal fin is bright blue to blackish blue. Pectoral fin is light grey to blackish blue while caudal fin lobes, second dorsal fin, anal fin and dorsal and anal finlets are pale grayish white to dark grey. First dorsal fin has 15-18 spines and second dorsal fin contains 15-20 rays while anal fin consists of 16 to 21 rays. 7-12 finlets are present behind the second dorsal fin and anal fin respectively. Pectoral fin is long and pointed which contains 21 to 24 rays. Interpelvic process is small and bifid. Lateral line is abruptly bent downward below end of second dorsal fin. Vertical bars on trunk are sometimes broken up into spots ventrally which ranges from 40-50 in adult and less than 20 in juveniles. It feeds primarily on small fishes like anchovies, clupeids, carangids, also squids and penaeoid shrimps. It can grow up to 2.4 m in length and 70 kg in weight. The Spanish mackerel can live for more than 20 years.